Our High Fives are not dead. We are waiting to release them together with the new lay-out. In the mean time we have to keep you folks warm so here's  Jiri "George" Bulin  with his High Five.

George Bulin is originally from Czech Republic, however a few years ago he made the move to England. This was to have a fresh start and to skate with some new friends he had met the year before, whilst living in Czech Republic.
After making move to Manchester, it wasn’t long until George started to make an impression on the scene, with his rad style and ability to skate every spot. George is currently filming for the up-coming Superdead video, which I’m sure most people will be shocked to see what he’s done. For now, George now comes through with a quick line at Platt fields Skate Park Manchester, for his High Fives.

1.) So George, can u tell us your name, age and your sponsors.
I’m George Bulin, I’m 21 and I used to live in Czech Republic till i was 19 but now I live in Manchester, England. I started skating when I was eight and my sponsors are Superdead, Vans and Lurker headwear.

2.) How did you come to live in Manchester?
One day my friend from Czech asked me if I want to go for little tour all over our Czech with his two friends from England, Eddie Belvedere and Stu Reynolds. When I was with them I mentioned that I want to try living abroad. Stu told me to just come over to Manchester and told me that I was going to love it...Now I’m here and I am.

3.)  Have you been able to go back to Czech Republic yet?
Yeah, I was there during Christmas which was amazing to go back, but I’m settled in Manchester now so I won’t be going back any time soon.

4.) Are there many differences you have noticed between living in Manchester and Czech Republic?
Yeah there is so many differences, as where I used to live in Czech, is an old town called Znojmo, which is completely different to Manchester. The people their do appreciate nature and wildlife but with it being such a small town, it can get kind of boring. Living in Manchester is more lively, and the skaters, skate gnarly things which Czech people wouldn’t even take as a spot, which I really like about England.

5.) So how did you get on Superdead?
The first day I got to Manchester, Stu took me straight to the Central Skate Park, where I had a little session with the locals and then a few weeks later I won the ‘Element Make It Count’ contest at the park. After that, Harry from Superdead decided to hooked me up, which I’m really grateful for.

6.) Top 5 things of living in Manchester
1: Cups of tea
2: Stockport ledge
3: Freedom
4: The skate scene
5: Stu’s bag full of old WHS cassettes with old skate videos in

7.) Top 5 things about living in Czech Republic
1: My Family
2: My girlfriend
3: Nature
4: The sun
5: Gogo club

8.) Top 5 skaters from Manchester
1: Tony Da Silva
2: Joe Gavin
3: Chris Barrett
4: Eddie Belvedere
5: John Bell

9.) Top 5 skaters from Czech Republic
1: Daniil Platonov
2: Maxim Habanec
3: Nikolas Tusl
4: Martin Pek
5: Petr Horvat

10.) Top 5 things to do this summer
1: Don’t swim in English rivers
2: Skate new places
3: Go back to Czech to see my family
4: Film for the Superdead Video
5: Pray to God