Subvert's, Bomb The Flora pt2



Here's part 2, and at the same time the last part of our adventures in Hamburg last month.

Well,.. we left off at getting to bed, or in my case the floor, after an epic first night. Sleeping on the floor is not that nice so after about 4 hours of twisting and turning I got up, and luckily I wasn't in too bad of a state. I pretty much woke up André, who after his early crash the night before didn't look that bad anymore. Since it was about 1 o'clock in the afternoon it was time to get a shower, get some late breakfast, head to Subvert and meet up with some people again. It took me about 5 minutes to open my first beer and after the shower, we went to one of the other rooms . It was nice to see most of the others had also cracked their first ones. So after chilling an hour in the Hostel we went to Subvert to get rid of the boards we borrowed and head into the city to get some food, and drinks.

Me, André, and Kerwin started out on our own, but soon we bumped into the other guys, who were shopping as well. We head over to the Florabowl for the first session. Aaron and Tim were from the start straight up rockin' it. Some of the other guys had a little more trouble getting the feeling for this bowl, since we have nothing similar in Holland.  Soon enough though I had pictures of most of the crew. That was pretty much my mission for the weekend. Getting at least one pic a person skating , and luckily that worked out. The afternoon then first consisted of skating , shooting some photo's and chilling. After that we went back for some food, and I had the best Lachmacun with Kebab in a long time, which came to haunt me the next day. We went back to the Hostel to chill a bit, get a shower drink some beers and get ready for the evening. Which pretty much meant taking a shit or two. I don't know what's with the food, and liquor in Germany, but between the 9 of us we took about 54 shits in 3 days. It's possible it's a side effect of eating to fat, drinking to much beer ,and partying to hard, but I dont' know.

Anyway,... enough with the shitty talk. We went back to the bowl late afternoon and chilled there as the barbeque was getting lit and Volker was bringing in the beers and the sausages. The crowd was coming in and the beer and other beverages started flowing richly. Wat followed after that was mainly people skating franticly us Dutchies taking over the mic, which means tha Kerwin was mc for 2 hours in German, Dutch and English, and mixed up with duets together with André. Dave got a boneless bombdrop off Volkers army van after a couple of hardass slams and enough beers to knock out an elephant. He also took it upon himself to irritate people the whole night with some clappy(?) hands that was a prop for the football games. his MO was sneaking up to people (which is hard enough with a bright red sombrero on your head) and clapping the things next to some guy, or girl's ear. Great fun, just like Tim trying to hussle a chick that gave him her home adress but he didn't quite pick up on that so he stayed behind quite sad when she went home. It was quite stunning because he had put some real effort into it. He had even given her Aaron his shoes, wqhich meant we got to see him skate a huge board barefooted. Tim however was doing his best to impress the girl with some bombdrops, but she went home. About 5 minutes later Tim was skating the bowl with his boxershorts only, and pulled them up his crack. That's Tim for you, mad as a hatter, just like the way he skates. We got into some nipletwisting, ballslapping war wich resulted in a wrestlingmatch, where I was obviously winning (at the cost of taking a mega nippletwister) until we got manpiled by the rest of the squad plus a sturdy German fella called Philip. Everybody was having a major good time, drinking , eating bratwurst and mingeling with the locals.

The rest of the evening was pretty much mayhem until we left the bowl at 3 or 4 am to head foar the Raperbahn.  At least Kerwin, Stefan, Bernard, and I did. It was quite a dissapointment since Kerwin and me couldn't find the bar we enjoyed the night before, Which lead us to go into some corny ass dancing with bad top40 music and heeps of dumb people. Seeing Bernard is tall as hell, some idiot didn't take to long to find him and try to get into a fight ,which spoiled the fun for us pretty quickly. That was it for us and we decided to go back to the hostel by taxi. Taxidrivers, we soon discovered, are retards, because it was "only" an half hour walk the dickheads wouldn't take us. We asked about 9 drivers until we changed strategy and just jumped into one and then told him where we wanted to go. No going back for him, so he brought us to our hostel, Where we found  most of the other guys chillin' while Tim had 3 young girls flapping around him. We decided that was not for us so we turned in quite soon after that. About 6 o'clock we got a phonecall from Tim about maybe helping him out with the three girls, but since they were a bit very much to young we thankfully declined. I don't want to see Tims ass humping up and down anyway (poor Aaron). Aaron took his matrass out and slept on the balcony while Tim was getting his groove on (One thing he wouldn't shut up about the rest of the next day.) Robian was MIA. Stefan and Bernard went to bed, Dave was also MIA but was there again for breakfast.

Next day we got up early because we had to check out at 12, and we wanted to skate the Mickey Mouse Bowl. we we're halfway through our breakfast at 10:30 when Robian came in still drunk out of his mind. He asked us what we were doing here. Breakfast. "Where have you been" , and then the story unfolded how he had been all around Hamburg with some new german friends he had made(and brought along for breakfast). He had been to a makeshift beach and to a bar yadayadayada, but point of it all was he was still drinkin' beer, and having a good time. We had to get packing though, and by 12:30 everybody had checked out. A quick group picture and of to the mIckey mouse bowl for a quick skate. Everybody was pretty much wasted from the days before, so it was only Stefan and Tim getting in on the action there. We met a photographer whos name I can´t remember, and he took us to another spot on the edge of Hamburg. It's a famous and incredible spot made up out of  red stone vert quarters. We skated that for an hour getting some pictures and then head to the Mac to get some food before we left hamburg for home.

It had been an incredible journey , and many thanks to Volker Lux for having us and providing us with our beers, getting the hostel booked and being stoked on us being there. Volker you Rock!, Thanks to André and Dave for driving, to hamburg for putting up with us crazy Dutch, And to the group for going all out and making this an epic trip. We´ll sure be back!!