Subvert's, Bomb The Flora pt1



Since Last time André , Tim , and me went to Hamburg to skate the Florabowl the plan had formed to have more of these sessions with more people. Volker from Subvert Skateshop invited us again, and we at Tagsters organized a crew of 9 to turn the party inside out.

Getting such a thing together can be quite a hassle. You have to get 8 people who want to go, which was no problem. You need 2 cars to get there, and you need a place to stay. Luckily Volker had helped us with booking a hostel, and after some asking around I had 2 drivers with cars who were stoked to come along. 

So last Friday it was going to happen. Dave Jansen, André van Dijk, Stefan Elfferich, Tim Bijsterveld, Aaron Brock, Kerwin de Groot, Bernard Geluk, Robian Fifield, and of course me, were ready to head for Hamburg. Dave lives close to me, so he picked me up with the car at the trainstation in Amsterdam. He was stoked and ready and had been there half an hour early allready so that gave me good hopes that everybody would be on time. We got in the car and drove off to Utrecht where we would pick up André, Tim, Bernard, Kerwin, Aaron, and Stefan. We got there 20 minutes earlier then  we had agreed so we had some time to go into the station and get some breakfast. At that time the first person called me allready , and it wasn't surprising it was Tim, telling me him and Aaron had allready missed 2 trains and would be about 15 minutes late. We got into the station and there we bumped into Stefan allready, so that was one down. André and Kerwin had just given the heads-up on arriving at the station so 2 and 3 we're quickly in. We got our groceries and went back to the cars to meet up with them. After a bit André and me want into the station to pick up Tim and Aaron who had finally arrived at 11:20. So that's annother 2 and we were still only missing Bernard. So we called him, and he had overslept. We decided to pick him up at his house and bitchslap him for it.  Anyway,  a couple of bitchslaps later for Bernard and at 12:00 o'clock and we were finally ready to leave. One hour later then expected that is, but yeah,.... skaters huh?

So,...  we head of to Groningen to pick up our last member Robian. We got to his house around 13:30 and after a 15 minute break to load his stuff into the car, some liquor and beer for some, we head of to Hamburg at last. Getting to Hamburg is a 4,5 hour drive from Groningen and since we were a bit late allready we had keep driving with a few stops only. We had to get to the hostel before six or they would rebook the rooms if I hadn't called yet. The trip went fairly smooth with André 's car having a poster of a naked chick on the backwindow half of the ride which upset a few Germans in the process. Eventuallly I did have to call the Hostel to say we would be about 30 minutes late, but it was no problem.

The Superbude hostel Volker had booked for us was excellent. I would recommend it to anyone going to Hamburg. It's clean, modern, the staff is very nice, free Wifi and the breakfast was amazing. Hell if it is good enough for Danny Way it's sure as hell good enough for us. Rowdy as we are we had no problems with making too much noise but nobody complained and you could walk in at anytime. There was actually a guy, Lars, that was Dutch and helped us check in. Since we booked for 8 and we eventually turned up with 9 , we had to figure out where the one person could sleep. But that would be taken care of during the weekend. First everybody got their stuff in their rooms , and took a shower, after that we cracked some beers, assembled, and head off to Volker's skateshop which was just 200 meters down the road.

There we met up with Volker and so it was time to crack another beer. We had not had dinner yet so some of us went across the street to get some Brattwurst and fries which were very nice but didn't do quite the trick of a full meal as later would be evident in our behaviour. After our dinner we head down to the shop again to discuss our plans for the night. We would first go to the I-Punkt skatepark to skate the vert and the pools and from there we would go to a party we were on the guestlist. Volker crammed us all in this old army van he had borrowed from a friend and we set of to the I-Punkt skatepark. On the way we had to duck for some police checkpoints (and I have never seen that many) and with 9 screaming dutchies in the back it was hard to end this covert operation, but in the end we got to the park. It is the only skatepark where I , who was not skating, but only taking photo's, had to pay an entryfee to get in. It seems even parent watching their kids have to pay an entryfee, and if you ask me that's fuckin' rediculous. Volker has a ban there for a business dispute and we had to disguise him as Henk from Zeist. Under the umbrella of a bunch of Dutch drunks we got him inside and skated te park for a couple of hours. It was really hot there so after not to long everybody was trashed and started to hang out outside.

Dave was doing away with the beers quite well and got his balls stamped. The week before he got his face and nipples stickered but this day he decided to go the extra mile and get ink on his nutsack. We eventually got enough of skating there and went back to the shop to drink some more (a lot) beers, and get ready for the party we were invited too. Well that was the plan anyway. After some wrestling between Bernard and Kerwin. Robian driving his board in my balls, Me hitting Robian in the sack for revenge, and Tim just for shits 'n giggels, Nippel twisting , a lot of screaming and Tim getting his move on with the ladies, everybody kinda got lost and seperated. Tim, Aaron, Dave and Robian went back to the Hotel so Tim could persue the girl he liked, but later got cockblocked by her girfriend who wanted to go home. Bernard and Stefan also went to the Hotel and we lost them , They also lost eachother , which had left Bernard in the middel of center and Stefan lost his way all together traveling the metro for 5 hours to find his way backbecause he didn't remember the name of the hostel.The name was on his room key though and after several hours he noticed that and was on his way back to the hostel (the wrong one first of course) getting back to his bed at 10 AM.

Volker , André , Kerwin , and me still wanted to go to the party , but since we walked ahead and forgot Kerwin I decided to go back to pick him up. That's when we lost them as well and kerwin and me were on our own. We dropped into the first bar we came across, and started to go loose on the Tequila and beer. The bar was boring as fuck though  so we decide to go to the Reeperbahn and see if we could find some action there. Well,... we found our way quite easy and dropped into the KFC first for some spicey chicken hot wings. After the food we went to look for a bar we could hang out , and we found one very fast. There we drank and partied till the door opened and a ray of sunlight hit us in the face and we were like "what the fuck!!". Good times apparently, but at 7 AM it was about time to head fo home. After some photo's with a jack Sparrow lookalike I insisted I knew the way back and we embarked on our next mission. After about half an hour I had to admit I had no clue as to where we were so just hopped in a taxi which drove us 2 streets and left us at our Hostel. in the Hostel we were greeted bij a really cute girl so our moring was allready starting out good. Breakfast was being served as well so we took the oppurtunity to fill urselves up and lay some groundwork for the avoiding of the hangover, and went to our room.

There we found André and the first thing he said to us , is that it's not funny while storming to the toilet and puking his intestens inside out. No André, that IS funny, but he still didn't agree. I had to beg him to be able to take a shit because he wouldn't give up the toilet. Apparently he had bailed as soon as we headed for the party because all the beers and liquor didn't go down that well. The sickness continued for quite sometime which left Kerwin and me laughing at the poor guy, before we tucked in.

Well this is the first night there, watch for part 2 next week.