Flora Bowl Chillsession



Last month Tim was invited by Volker Lux from Skatersocks , Jonathan hay from HOAX mfg to come celebrate his sponsors at the Florabowl in Hamburg.

So we head of André our good friend and driver, Tim to do the thrashing , and me to make the photo's. I must tell you sitting in a car with 2 nutters like them for five and a half hours is a lot of fun but also really tiring, but lets start at the beginning. We agreed the night before to go to Hamburg and therefor we agreed that because of the long ride we would drive off on time,  so I  would meet them in Utrecht at eleven. I was in Utrecht at eleven just to find Tim still in his sleepingbag watching TV. Ok that's not that bad, but then it took 2,5 hours for him to get of his ass and for us to start driving, I allready was halfway asleep again. Never mind though, we were on our way and the trip was horrendous with Tim mooning, horrible music and a trip that would not come to an end. Finally when we hit the city border of Hamburg it started pouring cats and dogs, so our hope of getting a good night of skating was pretty much over. Luckily it stayed dry for the rest of the evening and night. Anyway,.. once in Hamburg we first went to Subvert Skatestore to meet up with Volker who wasn't there. But seeing there was beer and the guys in the store were nice guys we waited for about an hour untill we went to the bowl to help it dry up a bit faster.

Not soon after we got most of the water out and, Tim could skate parts of the Bowl, Volker arived with the beer and the boombox and the party was on. We found out the actual session was the night before but that couldn't help us to skate and party into the middle of the night. We had loud music on and were drinking a good deal, but nobody seemed to be bothered. Tim was ripping like he allways does which included drunk signature Bombdrops, tripping in a corner with a beerbottle in his hand , and it exploding without him getting hurt. Volker was skating as well as was another local Igor Sarazhynski. Andre was talking everybody's ears off and together we we having a lot of fun with the locals until it became time to pick up our stuff and drop it off at the Subvert Store, so we could go out into the deep end of Hamburg to see if we could survive that as well. It was rather a weird experience racing through Hamburg on some longboards and cruisers at 5 in the morning looking for a bar to crash in, but with Volker as our guide we were sure to head in the right direction. On the way there  Tim bumped into me (allthough he will say I bumped into him ) and he went flat on his ass whith yet annother beerbottle in his just put on fresh pants. He looked liked he pissed his pants but with the chinos that dries pretty fast. It diodn't take us long to find a bar from there on. What pretty much went on in every bar was us trying to party but in the first bar the music was evil, the second this guy just liked Tim a bit too much, We hung out in the third bar for a little while because Tim, André and Volker wanted to form a moshpit and there was rock music, and the last bar we met some desperate chick, who couldn't interest us to much. It was a fun night and 8 oçlock when we came back tot he store, I hit the sack and they carried on harrassing me for some time. We got some decent sleep after that.

Next day we woke up and pretty much got in the car pretty soon after that repeating the 5,5 hours of agony with those two lovely but hyperactive personalities. I'd do it again tomorrow if i'd get the chance.