Magenta skateboards Product Review



It’s no secret that we are big fans of Magenta skateboards, so needess to say I was stoked when I recieved a small package from Paris with a 8.125 Magenta board and a Kalashnikov t-shirt!

Derk Steemers

The reason why we are so stoked on Magenta is, that not only is it a company run by skaters for skaters, they are also one of the most inspiring companies around today. They really bring something new to the table. Jean Feil’s videos with historic soundclips mixed with raw skating through the streets, combined with Soy Panday’s artwork and a banging team all result in a blend of pure awesomeness. If you want proof, just watch any of their ‘Capsules,’ their video Microcosmos, their last entry for the Battle of Normandy or have a look on their website. They even have a Quim Cardona guest board, now that’s what’s hot. The icing on the cake, for us, is that it’s an European company.

As I opened the box, my eyes first saw the Kalach tee. I don’t need to tell that this is a great print, but what I do need to tell you is that the t-shirts aren’t extra long. So for skinny white guys like myself, you have to take that in consideration when you order your 2 Plants or FOX tee from their website. You don’t want to end up with a shirt that is too wide for how long it is. However, I just got an e-mail from Vivien Feil, assuring me that this problem is fixed for their new winter line!

Before I gripped the board I knew that it is from Generator woodshop, the same place that presses boards for Western Edition, Stereo and Supreme. Having skated piles of Western Edition and FTC boards, I knew I had something good in my hands, from a company that’s worth supporting.

So when I broke my old board on tour in Warsaw and mounted my new Magenta board awaiting our night train to Minsk, Belarus, I was anxious to check it out the next day. And I surely wasn’t dissapointed. The shape is just perfect: not too curvy, but everything but flat. There is plenty of pop in those boards (how do you think Jimmy Lannon manages to ollie that high otherwise?) and they’re fairly light (which is usefull when you’re carrying it all over Europe in your bag.)

Magenta is a company well worth supporting and they make great boards. So do yourself and your friends a favour and order some boards throught their webshop –shipping is free from orders over €75.- or get some at your local skateshop!

You can check out some of the tricks that yours truely managed to do on his Magenta board. Filmed by Ilya Sobol.